Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RACK's (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness)

Our RACKs are going so well. The girls have been super excited to do a new task each day and spread the Christmas joy allover town.
Today it is raining though so I am trying to figure out what our RACK of the day will be. So far we have gathered shopping carts and brought them into the store at WalMart, CVS and the Dollar General store. We gave out a few random Christmas cards to strangers in Walmart parking lot. ..We picked up newspapers at the edges of neighbor's yards and brought them to their doorstep, left a treat for the postman...so let's see ...I need to come up with something to do today...and I just figured it out. I am baking a cake today for the girls. We've been planning to do this since Saturday. So instead, I may make cupcakes instead and share half of our batch with our little friend and her family. We have carpool this week so I think this would be an excellent treat/surprise for a wonderful friend and family.
What have your RACK's been so far?

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