Monday, April 30, 2012

Lucy Halter Dress and Top, Pattern Review

Recently I had the honor (and yes it was quite the honor ) to test the Lucy Halter Dress which is a new pattern for Jennifer Pagnaelli of Sis Boom by Carla Crim, the Scientific Seamstress.

I give this pattern a definite Thumbs Up !! 5 Stars and beyond

This dress is going to be a hot little number for this Summer season. Moms, you are gonna love this dress. It is going to be your favorite go to dress for any and all occassions. Whether you are going to the park with the kids, grocery shopping on Saturday, Church on Sundays, birthday parties, dinner dates...I could go on and on...but you get the picture. It's so chic and styled to be worn for everyday wear.

The dress is so cute and very easy to construct. It ranges in sizes from Women's size XS (0-2) to 3XL (24W-26W) so it accomodates any shape , size, curve and not so curvy body. And guess what ? No zippers (a definite plus) !

The bodice of the dress can be constructed to cover a little more or less and ties at the neck. Choose between the Classic Halter style bodice or the Full Coverage style bodice (shown below). The bodice is constructed using not only your chest measurements but your cup size as well so you get a perfect custom fit.

The skirt is an A-line style skirt that can be fashioned in any length (from mini to maxi) so you can wear the Lucy as a cute summer top or choose a knee length, in between or go full on floor length for a cute evening wear dress. The longer the skirt, the more the skirt flares at the bottom.

The back of the dress is styled to be an open back with an elasticized back waist band for ease of wear. And if you aren't to hip about showing that much back, no worries. Just throw on a cute cami or tank top (or cute tee shirt) underneath and you are good to go. Or wear a cute little cardigan or shrug and you are all covered and can wear your Lucy Halter dress/top with confidence.

I created the dress in a size 2 for my own daughter as she wears a girls size 14/16 and so this little dress is perfect for tweens, teens and mom's alike. Here is my daughter, Emily, modeling her new Lucy Halter dress.

Need a smaller size to match a younger sibling or daughter? No problem ! Jennifer Paganelli has got you covered there as you can find the little girl's dress (Sizes 2-14) in her awesome book Girl's World. A must have book for any seamstress no matter how much of a beginner or advanced level seamstress you may be. (Will make an awesome Mother's Day gift too !)

So pick up your copy of the Lucy Halter Dress today here and stitch one up. You can make yourself a new top or dress in 3 hours or less (that's counting piecing the pattern pieces together, cutting fabric and sewing).

Fabric featured on Emily's dress is both Pink and Orange from the New Crazy Love line by the talented and fabulous Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom.

And You can purchase your fabrics listed in my etsy shop

Don't sew ? Well, no problem, because Ive got you covered there as well. Pick up your custom made Lucy Halter Dress/Top in my etsy shop as well.

Happy Sewing !

Friday, April 27, 2012

I can never find....

the link to my own blog ! It's like, where on earth did it go.
But I found it. (sigh of relief) and so here I am...Friday night...about to cut fabric and get to sewing...or possibly watch a movie and then go to bed. Maybe even read a book.

Im reading a book I picked up at the library 2 weeks ago...
Veganist by Kathy Freston

(here's the link from but if interested, you can find it at your local library or there is even a kindle edition-and am in no way promoting her book or affiliated with her or amazon in any way...just wanted to share it with you. you never know, you just may find it interesting too)

Veganist by Kathy Freston

Yep, Veganist. It's all about changing your lifestyle and attempting to go full on Vegan. Yeah, we went down that road for all of 2 weeks back 6 months ago or so. We weaned off meat and dairy products, and animal products for about a week and then went full on veggies, fruits, nuts, legumes...healthy for us meals. We all felt better, lost a few pounds, had more energy,didnt feel run down all the time. And then the big T arrived...;.Thanksgiving ! Turkey, dressing, gravy, rich desserts and more and we decided to go off our Veganist ways that day...which turned into another day (got to have leftovers) and then a week, a month, and so on. We have skipped out on dairy milk though. We only drink Soy milk. I prefer to drink chocolate soy milk but I cook with plain soy milk and the girls use vanilla soy milk in their cereal. We also splurge on this wonderful ice cream made from coconut milk that is just to die for.

Here is the ice cream that we love. And I just realized it comes in so many other flavors. It is so delicious. It has a coconutty taste, rich chocoloate, it's smooth and something about it reminds me of chocolate pudding pops. LOL. I get this from WalMart (it's cheaper there for this little pint, or whatever its called) but Im sure you can find it at most grocers. I know Trader Joes and Publix sell alot of products like this (if you have one of those shops in your area, we dont, but will soon) . Or you can click on the store finder tab on the website and see if this is sold in your area. It's awesome and definitely worth a try. I highly recommend it.

And we switched butter out for margarine made with flax seed oil and is non dairy, gluten free, cholesterol free and vegan. So a few things we still do. But I want to go back to full on Vegan...or as this book refers to...Veganist. And talks about taking small steps to getting rid of things in your diet one at a time until you are fully rid of all animal and animal by products (including honey...). So very interesting.

And I am also going back on some juicing. Yep, I did the juicing thing for about a month and lost like 30 lbs in that month...but that was back last spring and since then, guess where that 30 lbs are? Right back where they were before the juicing. LOL. oh well. It was good and I felt good but so hard to do. I was gonna go for 60 days but man, 30 days was hard enough and it wasnt full on all day juicing either...I ate dinner and juiced everything else all day long. Dinner time was too hard to sit there with my juice after having to cook dinner for the family. Breakfast and lunch were no time to eat breakfast anyways when trying to get the girls ready for school and im not a big cereal eater, so that was a plus. then the kids were at school all day, so lunch and snack, not a problem but then dinner got me.

Anyways, this post is so off subject, but then again not. As it's a day in the life of my SouthernBabies...which encompasses my 2 Southern girls, my southern life and my boutique SouthernBabies. so you never know what you may get over here. A patchwork blog is what it really is...a little of this, a little of that.

Tomorrow or this weekend, Im gonna post a review of a vegan Red , White and blue cake the girls and I are gonna make. Yep, it's vegan and has a  cooked soy vanilla icing as well as fresh raspberries in the cake batter and fresh blueberries on top for garnish (got it out of a Vegan baking cook book I pickedup at the library as well.). So will let ya know how it turns out and will post photos as well...unless it turns out to be a big mess. LOL

Happy Friday !

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fabric, sweet Fabric !

Oh how I love fabric. I love everything about it.... the pattern, the print, the colors,,,,,,the feel of it. And love the way it looks all stacked nice and neatly in my little corner of sewing happiness. But I so hate to cut it.  But in order to share the love in my creations and through selling my fabric stash at incredible prices in the etsy shop, one must cut ... must...cut...the fabric.

So with that said...NEW fabrics available for sewing creations as well as for sale in the etsy shop. Here are just a few of the fabrics available... all from the great and fabulous Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom.
Check them out. Most are priced starting at $5.50 up. Great for stash building and creating something new and fresh. Speaking of creating, these fabrics are also available to be used in your next cute outfit.

Happy Tuesday!