Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My how time flies !

I often try to keep caught up (cough, cough) with facebook and the blog but Ive been so super busy lately that Ive neglected them both. So thought I'd stop on by my little piece of blogger here and drop a quick hello (too all 3 of my wonderful followers) :)

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather. Here on the Gulf Coast of Alabama it's been around 85..... more like summer than spring.  Spring fever is hitting the kids hard, they are tired and are ready for either Spring break (3 more weeks to go) or to be out for summer vacation (my 7 yo is counting down the days).

Oh, something new going on, Im now selling fabric in addition to my clothing creations in the etsy shop. One of the conditions of my signing up to purchase fabric wholesale is to sell some of my stash on etsy. It's so hard cutting in to all this gorgeous fabric as I kept the plastic on the bolts for about a week after I even got the fabric. LOL. (fabric collector over here)

So with that said, check out the etsy shop... I have Riley Blake Chevron prints (on back order) and Jennifer Paganelli's Crazy Love. And let me tell you, it is just that crazy love.

 On that note, Im off to finish some sewing before the kids wake up for school...and then have an appointment to tend to, come home for more sewing and then have another appointment after the kids get out of school.

Hope you all have a terrific day and week.