Monday, November 28, 2011

RACK'ed (Random Acts of Chrismtas Kindness)

I got this idea from a friend and thought to myself...what an awesome way to countdown the days of Christmas (Advent) and teach my girls an important lesson on caring/sharing and the perfect gift of giving.
So Random Acts of Christmas Kindness is basically doing something for others. It can be opening the door for a stranger, giving someone a hand with their groceries, putting the carts back at the grocery store, leaving change around town on paper machines, soda machines, etc. You can pay someone's library fees, give out small gifts or gift cards. Have the kids draw pictures for a local senior living facility...the ideas are limitless.
So this week, leading up to Dec. 1st, I am going to make little notes to pass out along with our little gifts, etc so that people know what we are doing when we do them and hang them up on a pretty ribbon or something of the sort (like an advent calender) and each day we pull one of the cards and do something special that day .
this is gonna be super fun and hopefully the start of an awesome tradition for my girls and family each year.
I will have to blog about it so we can share our Advent journey.
many hugs and blessings.

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