Friday, December 9, 2011

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

I feel as though my holiday spirit is striking me rather late in the season. I have all these creative ideas churning and churning...filling pages of my notebook ... and well, Ive done it again...Ive waited too late in the season to crank out any of these ideas. I always seem to do this. And I always say "next year I will be on top of the game" and then next year arrives and oops! Ive done it again!

I am however, so wanting to start on my Spring , Valentine's, Easter and Summer collection. But I also tend to stray from this as well as I love celebrating the seasons and holidays in their present moment as opposed to jumping ahead ... makes me feel like a few nationally credited stores out there that already have Valentine's wares out and we havent even made it through Christmas just yet. But I guess that is the name of the game.

Anyways, off to my Toy workshop so I can create more for this year before the holiday season passes me by. Im working on a few things for my girls and their friends for the holiday season. I just adore handmage gifts, don't you?


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Andrea said...

Story of my life too. I always vow to start in January, but my oldest son's birthday is in January, so by the time I have time again, the mood has past me by! Maybe we can encourage eachother to start EARLY next year! My holiday pin board on Pinterest is FULL of neat ideas I haven't had time for! :)