Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays

Did Christmas just pass me by so incredibly fast of what this year? I feel like the year went by so incredibly fast, then slow, then fast and then hit super lightning warp speed and here we are, the day after Christmas.

My 6yo daughter, Ella was sick and we visited the ER on Christmas eve Eve with thoughts we would have to return on Christmas Eve to be admitted But...she pulled on through and is now doing well. But we have to make an appt. with the pediatrician on Tuesday for a referral to see a pediatric pulmonary specialist for testing for asthma.

Now my 8 yo daughter is getting a cold...has a headache, fever and says she feels a lack of energy and wants to take a nap all day. Poor kiddos.

Atleast we have this next week and then 2 days more of holiday so they can relax, sleep in and do whatever....however, my house is a complete disaster so I will be super busy cleaning and have decided to do a little Fall/Winter cleaning.... I guess you could say reason the house is in more of a disaster zone than the usual. It started raining for the past 2 days and so everything I had hoped to move out in to the backyard to sort through, donate, trash...a sort of Clean House or CLean Sweep type of cleaning (we have too much stuff in our tiny home). So now I have boxes piled up in the dining room. haha. (I think Im a fabric/crafting hoarder as most of what I have sitting in here in boxes is just that. ... and hubby likes to keep every single page from the girls returned homework and school papers so I have 2 boxes of that to go through to pull out the art work for their scrap books).

Anyways, tis the season to be Merry. And Merry it definitely has been. (as I hear the sound of the 4th limb falling on the's super windy and rainy out here tonight)

I am so thankful for everyone in my life and for all that I have. I may not have much and some of what I do have would not be worth keeping to others, but all in all, I am very Thankful for my health, the health of my children, friends and family and a roof over my head.

I look forward to what the New Year, 2012 will bring me and my family with hopes that it will be bigger, better and brighter and hopefully with a move in our 2012 future as well.

Until next time, I hope all of my followers out there be it facebook, twitter or blog, had a very blessed and wonderful Christmas that was filled with lots of love and memories to last a lifetime. And  I wish for much peace, love, good health and great wealth for you all in the New Year.

Blessings, Love and Hugs

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Beginning to Look alot like Christmas

Ive been super busy house cleaning and getting a few decorations up with the girls. I can not believe that in 2 weeks it will be Christmas. Where did the time go this year?  I surely hope next year goes by quickly as well .. Im already looking forward to Christmas next year and we havent even gotten through Christmas this year yet :) I absolutely adore Christmas!

So the stockings are hung, the tree is up and decorated, laundry is almost all caught up, and the next big tackle is the girls's room and their closet. YIKES! Time to dig out the old toys and get them ready for donations. I like to spread our donations out to various places such as Freecycle, fostercare facilities, preschools, goodwill , etc. I like to mainly donate my items to places that are not in it for a profit as in to make money unless they are using that money for the good of mankind. 

Freecycle is a great place to donate items to. Almost every city has a Freecycle organization. Basically it's just a member's message board of wants and offers. I look through the posts there when getting rid of clothing  and other household goods. Toys and books I like to give them to preschools and foster care facilities that have small children. Those places can always use extra kiddie items and books.

So Im in the giving mood this week. And speaking of giving mood... Im continuing with the 12 days of CHristmas giveaways on my facebook page for SouthernBabies.
Day 4 and 5 will be posted today (am running behind due to the weekend).

So hop on over to my facebook page, LIKE us there and play along in the giveaway.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

I feel as though my holiday spirit is striking me rather late in the season. I have all these creative ideas churning and churning...filling pages of my notebook ... and well, Ive done it again...Ive waited too late in the season to crank out any of these ideas. I always seem to do this. And I always say "next year I will be on top of the game" and then next year arrives and oops! Ive done it again!

I am however, so wanting to start on my Spring , Valentine's, Easter and Summer collection. But I also tend to stray from this as well as I love celebrating the seasons and holidays in their present moment as opposed to jumping ahead ... makes me feel like a few nationally credited stores out there that already have Valentine's wares out and we havent even made it through Christmas just yet. But I guess that is the name of the game.

Anyways, off to my Toy workshop so I can create more for this year before the holiday season passes me by. Im working on a few things for my girls and their friends for the holiday season. I just adore handmage gifts, don't you?


Thursday, December 8, 2011

I can spend my entire day on the web...

I can literally spend hours upon hours visiting awesome websites and blogs.
I am sharing many of them under My Favorite Blogs and Websites list. Be sure to check out the many talented/creative shops/blogs/websites/facebook pages listed there. You never know what you may come across that you just have to have.

I have found so many items that I would just love to have. Absolutely TDF (to die for) items. Im building a Must have list and am gonna sign/seal and deliver my Christmas list to Santa at the post office this week. Won't you join me?

Support handmade/work at home moms and women. They are who make the world go round.
Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Giveaway!

That's right! Im giving away a FREE pair of squeaky shoes (my choice) to one lucky winner...and maybe, perhaps 2. Go on over to my facebook page, LIKE US and refer your friends and family. Tell them to post who referred them and you get an extra entry. And depending on the referral, your friend / family member may win a pair too.

Squeaky shoes make excellent gifts and are available in sizes 1-7 for both girls and boys in a variety of styles and colors.

The winner will receive their package just in time for holiday gift giving as well.
So head on over to my facebook page, LIKE US and comment on the Contest Post.

Contest ends tonight at 8pm CST.
GOod Luck

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm a super Busy Bee!

Im currently working, sewing away, Current Christmas orders as well as homemade gifts for family members. I love giving gifts from the heart. I find that people (mainly family ) love handmade, homemade gifts. It adds a personal touch filled with lots of love, thoughtfulness and uniqueness.
So I have a few things in the works...shhh, can't share exactly what I am working on just never know who's checking out my blog and wouldn't want to spoil any gift giving surprises. haha.
So will definitely be sharing a few of my latest creations.

RACK's (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness)

Our RACKs are going so well. The girls have been super excited to do a new task each day and spread the Christmas joy allover town.
Today it is raining though so I am trying to figure out what our RACK of the day will be. So far we have gathered shopping carts and brought them into the store at WalMart, CVS and the Dollar General store. We gave out a few random Christmas cards to strangers in Walmart parking lot. ..We picked up newspapers at the edges of neighbor's yards and brought them to their doorstep, left a treat for the let's see ...I need to come up with something to do today...and I just figured it out. I am baking a cake today for the girls. We've been planning to do this since Saturday. So instead, I may make cupcakes instead and share half of our batch with our little friend and her family. We have carpool this week so I think this would be an excellent treat/surprise for a wonderful friend and family.
What have your RACK's been so far?

Monday, November 28, 2011

RACK'ed (Random Acts of Chrismtas Kindness)

I got this idea from a friend and thought to myself...what an awesome way to countdown the days of Christmas (Advent) and teach my girls an important lesson on caring/sharing and the perfect gift of giving.
So Random Acts of Christmas Kindness is basically doing something for others. It can be opening the door for a stranger, giving someone a hand with their groceries, putting the carts back at the grocery store, leaving change around town on paper machines, soda machines, etc. You can pay someone's library fees, give out small gifts or gift cards. Have the kids draw pictures for a local senior living facility...the ideas are limitless.
So this week, leading up to Dec. 1st, I am going to make little notes to pass out along with our little gifts, etc so that people know what we are doing when we do them and hang them up on a pretty ribbon or something of the sort (like an advent calender) and each day we pull one of the cards and do something special that day .
this is gonna be super fun and hopefully the start of an awesome tradition for my girls and family each year.
I will have to blog about it so we can share our Advent journey.
many hugs and blessings.

It's Been quite a while...

I started this blog some time ago and wow, It has definitely been quite some time since I posted. I guess I got all wrapped up in facebook, twitter, myspace and life in general. So starting fresh today. ... Im gonna try to use my blog as much as I can and as often as I can.