Monday, July 9, 2012

Wow, It's already July ???? What have you all been up to?

Time surely flies by fast when you are having fun.
I love that the girls are on summer vacation from school. It makes for a more relaxed schedule. But we are so off schedule it isn't even funny . :)

The girls have been spending their time playing PS3-Little Big Planet 2. They love playing this game. I tried to play it myself but I have no clue what I am doing. I am more of a Super Mario kinda gal.
If you have never seen LBP (as my girls call it) it's pretty neat. The kids interact with other kids from all around the world, engaging in online play so to speak. We monitor who they are playing with and only allow them to play with kids that are their age (6-10 years old). No one older and we always check in to see who they are talking to. And they are always playing with the same 3 kids. A 10 yo boy from California, an 8 yo girl from California and then another little boy from somewhere else in the US. How it works is, they have a microphone connected to the PS3 and are able to talk to these kids all while playing the game, building new levels and games, mazes so to speak and just having fun. Doing what kids do.

We do not allow them to hook up the camera as we told them that we do not want them playing on the internet in that kind of way. (well not internet but through the internet connection, this is how they interact with the kids they talk to and play with). Anyways, all of the other parents of the kids they play with are also in agreement with this as well (yep, we've said a hello every now and then to the Mom and Dad of 2 of the's funny. They too think their kids are addicted to this game as well. haha)

Anyways, So we took advantage of a YMCA family membership to utilize for the summer. We have been a few times but since the schedule flip , we havent been in like 2 weeks. If you guys have a YMCA near you and are looking for something to do for the summer, I say jump in to this. There are no contracts to hold you to a yearly commitment. WHen you no longer want to use the membership, just cancel it. We were looking into community pools to join for the summer months so we could take the girls swimming and teach them to swim and lessons and memberships for just 3 months is so outrageous (one pool membership was $900 for May to Labor Day ) And swimming lessons (dont even ask the price of those). So we figured since hubby and I were both swim team members growing up as kids, we both decided we could teach the girls ourselves. And it worked. From the 3 lessons we gave the kids so far, they can now swim from one of the the pool to the next. It's amazing how fast they got it. They are like little fish now. Now we have to get the schedule flipped and get back to the pool so we can get in our daily exercise.

I am almost caught up on all my orders. I have been so super swamped the past 2 months with sewing that I haven't been able to get to pattern testing, pattern reviews or even sewing from a new book I have. Happy Home by Jennifer Paganelli. There are a few projects in this book that I want to sew for myself. Or that I would love to make as gifts for others (CHristmas is just around the corner, so its never too early to think about gifting ideas) So I will be getting back to reviews and testing this week. And I plan to be reorganizing my sewing room. I am going to pull everything out of there ... a sort of Clean Sweep (ever watch this show?) to my sewing room. But then I am afraid that once I Clean Sweep that room, I will need to Clean Sweep the rest of the house as well. Hmm....not a bad idea.

Anyways, I have a few patterns I am testing now for a very sweet pattern designer I found on etsy a few months back. Ruby Jean's Closet. Mary is not only a talented pattern designer, she is also very sweet as well. And I can't wait to share with you 2 new patterns that she has come up with that will just blow your socks off.

So I will be back in a day or two with 2 pattern reviews,  1 from Ruby Jean's Closet and the other by Sandra Lister of Footloose and Fancy Free. You won't wanna miss out. So keep your eyes peeled for my next installment of sewing fun.

Hugs and as always,
Happy Sewing !

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